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CATSys is a "Computer Aided Trading System" for securities.
It makes buying and selling decisions completely automatically, called a "Quant".

Why CATSys?

CATSys has a strong track record of generally outperforming the market indices.
You can use Catsys to assist you in strategic decision-making in order to optimize the performance of your fund.
You can generate your own funds online and see the results of our recent live-market fund IB_Client.

How do I use CATSys?

0. login username/password or anonymus/anonymus
1. register to get a free membership
2. generate your own funds
3. compare your fund with a CATSys fund
4. compare your fund with the index
5. download the results freely (csv, IB)
6. check our promotion program

History of CATSys

In 2007 we decided to simulate an investment of 1 Million CHF with 100 shares of 10,000 per share.
The result: Returns of 25%.
The underlying fundamentals are monitored and buy signals (events) are generated from a unique algorithm applied to this data.
In 2008 we repeated the algorithms with the same performance with an investment of Euro.
It was constructed of 1,000 securities and 1 Million invested in each security.
Since 2013 the system has been monitoring the fundamentals for over 2 Million companies and over 40,000 listed companies on a weekly basis.
CATSys can produce buy recommendation lists of more than 10,000 securities representing 250 Billion USD investment.

How do we trade?

We use Interactive Brokers(IB)for trading under their Advisory Program.
You are free to choose your own broker, but for efficiency and potentially lower transaction costs for you, we recommend using IB as well.

What are the risks with CATSys?

The risks are the same as with any other financial investments.
CATSys will follow the general market movements and within these movements CATSys has consistently outperformed the indices.
For a historical view, please see the CATSys History Funds up to 25 year back.

Who are the customers of CATSys?

Our investors have been predominantly private individuals but we will now be making CATSys available to institutional clients as well.


Fund management and sales Europe Fidem GmbH Zürich.
Sales Hong Kong Waihung Leung.


30% of profit, 0.5% management fee of investment.


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