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CATSys´s stock trading system made 113% return on investment in 2017!

[img]Performance Weiss Research 2017?

[img]Performance CATSys 2017

Performance CATSys 2018
Join us and be a part of our social investment strategy
that benefits both you and the society!

We offer you an investment tool, where the risk is equivalent to existing trading systems
but with a remarkable high return on investment.

In 4 simple steps you are a part of this investment strategy:

a) Open an account at IB Interactive Brokers and pay in the desired investment capital.
b) Send a contract to Fidem, signed by you and sales.
c) Assign Fidem as your advisor to IB, so we can initialized your fund.
d) Follow the developement of your new fund real time at your IB TWS (Trading Work Station).

Notice that CATSys lets you master your own account
IT only charges you a smaller part of the profit you earn in commission.
Besides this commission, the IB transaction fees and tax there are no additional fees.
You can cancel the agreement at any time without notice.

Further information: Torsten Danielsson, Sales or +45 5380 1133