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Stock Picking

CATSys uses algorithms to generate funds out of more than 5.000 stocks
from Nasdaq and Nyse with EOD data updated every morning european time.
We use different methods of stock picking and compare them.
We compare 4 years each year starting with the same stocks.


By clicking on Funds in the left menu you can view and download the reports.
They are public on the fundlevel, on the stocklevel
some are for our donation members only. You may also download
CSV files as input for the IB Basker Loader.


We offer you an investment tool, where the risk is equivalent
to existing systems but with a remarkable high return on investment
You will find out when to get in early and when to save your profit.
The CATSys optimzer selects winners above the index
and generates buy and sell orders on a daily basis.
Click [img]Production System to see the production requirements.


We do not give personal advice nor do we make any personal profits.
All donations donations go 100% to the Morning Star Foundation only.

Join us

Join us and be a part of our social investment strategy
that benefits both you and the society.Contact Torsten Danielsson, Fundraising