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..problems of society, which have their roots in the economy, must be solved in the economy.
...problems of the economy, which have their roots in the currency, must be solved in the currency.

CATSys is the fundraising system of our chaity organization.
Designed to solve the problems at the right place.
It generates profit for our donars who feed our charity projects.

CATSys can find winner stocks by extracting the supply chain from the EU and US Patent databases.
Our patent lawyers manually complement the bill of material (BOM) CATSys builds.
For some of the owners down in the supply chain this leads to a buy recommendation
of their stock at the earliest point in time.

You have access to the latest stock level information of the all funds including block busters.
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Have a look at [img] Quiz: Christ and Money and click on "quotes" to listen to money experts (in German)
starting with Moses.

CATSys is owned by “Stiftung Morning Star” Basel, Switzerland,
Registration Number: CHE-256.558.835, Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

GOD loves the happy donar. Donation Receipt