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Seq Type Year Country City Company Project Comment
1 cv 2013 Germany Aachen Generali DB2 7 by 24 tuning 2013 wpms ag, Basel, Hays, Generali Aachen, DB2 Berater, Konzeption Schatten DB für unterbrechungsarmen RZ Betrieb, Produktion eines Prototyp für 7 by 24 Betrieb. Automation DBA Arbeiten und Tools mit REXX,ISPF
2 cv 2011 Germany Essen Bitmark SQL Performance LUW stored procedures 2011 wpms ag, Basel, Bitmarck Essen, DB2 Berater, SQL Performance, LUW, stored, procedures, Permanente Daten Migration mit 5 Terra Daten < 1 Stunde aktualisieren in Schatten DB für Monatsabrechnung durch permanenten 7/by24 Join Technische Konzeption und Programmierung.
3 cv 2008 Switzerland Solothurn Centris ag Standardsoftware IRIS (KVG and UVG) 2008 Centris, Solothurn, Maintenance of standardsoftware IRIS (KVG and UVG) IDEAL with Datacom DB. Specialization in heath card system Data Cleansing to serve Datawarehouse and Data migration to target system Syrius.
4 cv 2006 Switzerland Zürich Swisslife Honeywell Bull Cobol to Oracle.Java 2006 Swisslife , Zürich,Senior Migration Expert Generation of a Cobol system to permanently mirror IDS/II, to Oracle 9.1. Build Oracle reportsystems for: Data Cleansing Migration portfolio Migration steps
5 cv 2005 Switzerland Zürich Credit Suisse Reverse Engineering Host 2005 Credit Suisse, Zürich, Reverse Engineering Host Reverse and Reengineering Wertschriftensystem WS80 IMS/DC/DB, PL1, Rexx, ISPF, DB2, QMF
6 cv 2003 Switzerland Basel wpma ag Standard migration software 2003 Software house, Switzerland, Chief developer Development of a code generator for data migration running under different operating systems and databases: 1. OS/390 with DB2 and ISPF, Cobol, Rexx, QMF 2. Windows XP with UDB and Realia, or MF-Cobol 3. Unix with UDB and Realia or MF-Cobol 4. Unix with Oracle and Realia or MF-Cobol The generator can produce migration components for extracting, transformation and load (ETL), including JCL, scripts, DDL, access modules with embedded SQL in PL1and Cobol and HTML and XML. Source and target environments could be IMS/DB/DC, CICS/DB2, UDB, VSAM and Oracle.
7 cv 2003 Switzerland Zürich MedXchange Central patient record 2003 MedXchange Zürich, Switzerland, Project leader Develop a prototype of a global object tracking systems (GOTS) for products in a medical environment to allow a complete tracking from the producers to the patient. All product data of all partners should be stored in a central database by permanent migration of the data in the connected systems. The prototype was programmed using MySQL, PHP and XML.
8 cv 2002 Switzerland Winterthur Winterthur Tuning Sun Solaris SQL 2002 Winterthur Insurance, Switzerland, Sun Solaris, Oracle DBA, SQL tuning Migration of Oracle data pool to a normalized Oracle8 DB Developed a generalized catalog based data checker and migration system. All relevant data for the calculation of the new Riester Rente were delivered from central systems (DB2/Oracle) by the contractor in a data pool that was not normalized. I covered the following tasks: 1. Build a checking system for formal and content checks. 2. Migrate the data into a normalized data model. 3. Deliver a SQL access layer. 4. Tune all application SQL and shorten the runtime. 5. Offer DBA services for all Java Programmers.
9 cv 2002 Germany Frankfurt Commerzbank Migration Dbase to SAS DB2 2002 Commerzbank Frankfurt, Germany, Programmer, Cobol, PL1 sourcecode analysis Wertschriftensystem COVIAS to calculate the cost of a planned IMS/DB2 migration. The migration of the order DB from IMS to DB2 and the handling of the interfaces of all relevant programs could be calculated after doing an automatic analysis of the most important programs using the analysis tool ReFiT.
10 cv 2002 Germany Frankfurt BWS Bank IMS DB2 synchron Tests 2002 BWS Bank Frankfurt, Germany,Programmer Generate Cobol access layer for IMS/DB2 migration. as part of the new conception of the central System it was my task to proof, that using a central access layer does not mean longer respond times. By automatically implementing an access layer in programs selected by the bank, I could proof, that the longer software path in the system used the same amount of CPU that before. Q. E. D.
11 cv 2002 Germany Aschaffenburg Pass Kordoba Migration 2002 Pass Aschaffenburg, Germany produce a starter kid for a Kordoba migration using a metadata mapping table, source system BS2000 Cobol, target system DB2 and/or Oracle. Because the cost of a data migration in a Kordoba environment is a multiple of the cost of the kernel software, it is extremely useful to have a instrument, that can automatically load all source data elements (copies) and all target data elements (DDL) in a central mapping table, that may then serve as a starting point for all mapping activities. In this case I loaded a reasonable subset of a Kordoba-customer and a medium size banking system automatically in a central mapping table. This was the basis for all future mapping activities.
12 cv 2001 Germany Frankfurt Dresdner Bank 6 teams technical coach 2001 Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt, Germany, DB2 DBA, 6 teams, technical coach VSAM/DB2 migration by generating a central access layer in Cobol for DB2/DB2 and VSAM/DB2. Implement the layer in all programs with a real time switch between old and new. The bank developed a complete new address system on DB2 basis and wanted to gradually implement the new system into all applications. It was my task to help the application teams to find a way to use the new system without being interrupted by ongoing changes of the new system. By implementing a access layer in their programs, they were isolated from changes and they could switch between the old and new system without program change. The synchronization of the data was done on a daily basis by the DBA.
13 cv 1999 Germany Frankfurt Dresdner Bank of all IDV data bases 1999 Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt, Germany, DB2 DBA of all IDV data bases Reverse- and Reengineering of the DB2/QMF environment The IDV data bases of the bank were rapidly growing. It was my task to restructure all IDV data bases including a 10 year history.By designing and implementing a DB2 partitioning concept I could drop many data bases after migrating them to the new schema. Over 200.000 QMF objects still worked after this major change. The ongoing loads of the IDV databases with production data was also simplified because data anomalies were eliminated by using dictionary controlled data definitions.
14 cv 1998 Switzerland Basel UBS Project leader IMS DB2 Migration 1998 UBS, Basel, Switzerland, Project leader, 2 programmers Develop controlling tool for data migration Cobol/DB2, MQ-Series. Perform a metadata analysis of all systems participating in the migration process, monitor change, progress and completeness. After the decision that SBV bank and SBG bank go together, it was also decided that the SGB system will takeover the data of the SBV system. It was my task to develop a control tool, that shows a realistic picture of the migration process. All participating software components were copied periodically to CD to serve as input for a Contiguous Data Monitoring System (CDM). The software was automatically analyzed and the metadata was stored in a central DB2 database. This allowed the production of QMF-reports to show change, progress and completeness of the migration process.
15 cv 1997 Switzerland Basel Bankverein of all infrastructure 1997 Bankverein, Basel, Switzerland, Coordinator of all infrastructure projects for the Legacy Systems Control department.
16 cv 1994 Switzerland Basel Pharma La Roche Data Migration Perkin Elmer 1994 Pharma, La Roche, Basel, Switzerland, DB2 and Oracle DBA, Programmer Connect the sales order system with the laboratory information system. Develop a certificate printing system. Migrate from Perkin Elmer to DB2 and later on to Oracle 7. The old Perkin Elmer laboratory information management system (LIMS) had to be replaced. It was my task to make up a migration strategy, migrate the data, and develop a new printing system for certificates. At first a 1:1 migration to DB2 was done. The next step was the normalization of the data. Then a DB2/DB2 Migration was done. After programming of the new certificate printing system, it became clear that a Lims Error Checking System (LECS) had to be developed to cleanup historical data. After 2 years of operation, I migrated the system to Oracle under SUN Solaris.
17 cv 1994 Germany Frankfurt Commerzbank IMS DB2 Migration 2 developers 1994 Commerzbank, Frankfurt, Germany. project leader, 2 developers, Migration of several DBASE systems to SAS-DB2 using Oracle as the data migration development platform. It was my task to analyze the old Dbase source code, plan the data and program migration, do the migration and make the new centralize system operational under SAS/DB2. After the analysis, it became obvious, that the programs have to be rewritten using SAS and that the all components for the data migration process can be generated out of a mapping table. This included the unload scripts, the target DDL, checking SQL and the DB2 Load JCL. The whole data migration process was first executed using PC-Oracle, and then ported to MVS. By using this workbench approach, I could finish the project successfully in 3 month.
18 cv 1994 Germany Darmstadt Cap Debis Standard Software IMS DB2 Cobol 1994 System house, Cap Debis, Darmstadt, Germany, Programmer, Reverse / Reengineering Telekom-Software with MVS/VSAM/Cob85,using Micro-Focus Cobol, automatic implementation of I/O interfaces that deliver static and dynamic software metrics. The Telekom software was maintained by Cap Debis using Micro-Focus Cobol. It was my task to deliver MVS and programming services. By developing a pre compiler to take out all I/O operations in the programs and plug in a call to a centralized I/O-system, the runtimes produced I/O statistics, that helped us to better understand, monitor and maintain the programs.
19 cv 1993 Germany Hamburg Bauer Group Data Migration IMS Db2 3 Programmers 1993 Software house, Bauer Group, Hamburg, Germany, Projekt leader, 3 Programmers, Reverse / Reengineering MVS, IMS, DB2, VSAM, CICS, TSO, Cob85 using PC XDB und Realia emulation, analyze and migrate the software. Generate DDL, DML, I/O modules and DB2 load jobs The banking standard software of a system house was written in CICS/Cobol-2/VSAM. It was my task to port this package to other platforms, like DOS/VSE, Cobol 74, DB2 or DL1 But instead of making different versions of the package, I reengineered the System in such a way, that duplicate code was avoided. By developing a Rexx pre compiler I converted COB-85 to Cob-74. All I-O was taken out of the programs to make them file independent. The central I/O system could activate DL1, VSAM or DB2 access modules. A real time checking system could detect conversion errors at once. By using this automated approach the new software was rolled out after 6 month.
20 cv 1993 Germany Gärtringen Müssig Data Migration Data General Oracle 199 Industriy, Fa. Müssig, Gärtringen, Germany, Project leader, 3 developers Migration of sales order system from Data General ICOBOL/ISAM to Unix/V, Oracle Generation of unload, DDL, and load system. The order system was written under DG/AOS/VS with ISAM and should be migrated to UNIX/V with Oracle. As a proof of concept, I developed a prototype to migrate all files to Oracle and used standard Oracle Forms to show the success of the migration.
21 cv 1993 Germany Frankfurt BHF Bank Data Migration PL1 1993 BHF Bank, Frankfurt, Germany, Programmer Source analysis, depot system from 1974 Written in COBOL/PLI/IMS/DB/DC, IBM/3090, MVS/ESA, DB2, Rexx, QMF An important field in the depot system became too small. It was my task to find out with software components (PLI/INC,COB/CPY,DBD,PSB,MFS/JCL) must be changed. I used the ReFiT Analyzer to do the job.
22 cv 1992 Germany Frankfurt BHF Bank EG-Bilianz developer 1992 EG-Bank Bilanz, BHF, Bank Frankfurt, Germany, Project leader, 2 developers, Programming of a SQL rule based system to produce the new EG balance sheet IBM/3090, MVS/ESA, DB2, Cob2, QMF, SAS, Expeditor Generation of DDL and I/O-Module for DB2. The new EG balance sheet should be a very flexible SQL System that cancel be maintained by financial experts without further programming. It was my task to deliver the required dynamic SQL techniques and the embedded SQL modules. This was the first bank within the EG, that could run a EG balance sheet on a daily basis.
23 cv 1990 Germany Dornach ProGeno H IMS DB2 ASM Cobol program analysis 1990 Parallel 4 projects. Software house, WPMS-GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, Project leader, 3 developers, Product development for a migration tool from IMS to DB2 in a IBM/3090, MVS/ESA, IMS, DB2, COBOL, PL1 Rexx, TSO/ISPF environment It was my task to develop a migration workbench for this. Pilot customers using the ReFiT analyzer, were ProGeno Banking computing center in Dornach, Germany, and Basler Insurance, Switzerland. Parallel to these activities I developed and held DB2 courses: Seminar Company, Integrata Tübingen, Germany DB2 basics DB2 embedded SQL DB2 utilities IMS/DB2 Real time migration
24 cv 1988 Switzerland Basel Bankverein 3 developers IMS DB2 1988 Bankverein, Basel, Switzerland , technical project leader, 3 developers Infrastructure project for IMS/DB2-Migration of accounting system IBM/3090, MVS/ESA, IMS/DB/DC, DB2, COBOL TSO/ISPF, Clist, Rexx, QMF, BTS, DCF It was my task to do the programming of the migration from IMS to DB2. For this I developed a I/O System, that could do synchronous access to IMS and DB2 using the two phase commit. By implementing this I/O system in 4 of the most heavily used programs of the bank the proof of concept was accomplished.
25 cv 1987 Germany Stuttgart Daimler Benz RZ Sodrtware REXX 1987 Automobile, Daimler Benz, Stuttgart, Germany, Programmer Development of standard software for their Computer center with IBM/3090, MVS/XA, IDMS, TSO/ISPF, Clist, COBOL 2, Xpeditor
26 cv 1986 Germany Wehr Ciba Geigy SQL DS Product Calculation 1986 Pharmaceutical, Ciba Geigy, Wehr, Germany,Programmer, cost accounting IBM/3090, VM/CMS, SQL/DS, Rexx, CSP
27 cv 1982 Germany Neuhausen Hänssler Verlag Standard Software 1982 Printing, Hänssler Verlag Neuhausen, Germany. Programmer, Westermann Verlag, Hannover Huber Verlag, München Landwirtschaftsverlag, Münster Migration from Nixdorf to Siemens Standard software development Nixdorf 8890, BS2000, COBOL
28 cv 1981 Germany Stuttgart Dispo Organisation Production Control Software 1981 Industriy, Dispo Organisation, Stuttgart, Germany, Project leader, 3 developers, Standard software development for production control Data General, AOS, COBOL, Infos
29 cv 1980 Germany Tübingen Integrata referent of Cobol and DB2 1980 Seminar company, Integrata Tübingen, Germany, Seminar developer and referent of ANS-COBOL intensive training form PL1 to COBOL TI DX10-Cobol, Structured Programming
30 cv 1979 Germany Karlsruhe IWKA Tornado and Alpha Jet 1979 Industries, IWKA Karlsruhe, Mauserwerke Oberndorf, Germany, Project leader, spare part system for Tornado and Alpha Jet plains IBM/370, DOS, DL/1, CICS, COBOL Migration IBM to Data-General (DG) IBM/370/DG, DOS/AOS, DL1/Infos, CICS/Screen Section DG-Cobol
31 cv 1977 USA Atlanta City Hall Trainee 1977 City Hall, Atlanta, Georgia, (USA), Trainee, Programmer Salary Forecast Application, pilot project for structured programming IBM/370, DOS, DL/1, CICS, COBOL, Easytrieve

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