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Update 2021-05-30

112. Removed private data and focus on patent stocks

Update 2021-05-03

111. Relaunch 4.2 with accounts

Update 2021-03-22

110. Debugged 4.0, current 4.1

Update 2021-03-20

109. User Account must be retestet, postponed
108. Results strict betbeen from and to
107. Patent Stocks Summary by exchange
106. Patent Stocks Summary by method
105. Only Patent Stocks visible
104. User account must be retestet

Update 2021-02-22

104. delete by year, by method
103. Redesign Donation
102. Add automatic user paper account
101. New Version 4.0

Update 2020-12-21

100. User paper account
99. Day% in stocks to buy list

Update 2020-10-18

98. Pages show function and rows count
97. Donation with download receipt

Update 2020-09-20

96. New title: patent-based stock picking system
95. show only stocks with patent

Update 2020-09-17

94. bug correction on selection
93. 3 Pat- Methods for donor, login and public with patents

Update 2020-09-03

92. Patent link to Patent Office
91. Patent Info on symbol level

Update 2020-07-31

90. calculator
89. upcomming blockbusters
88. Fund replaced by Pack.

Update 2020-07-10
87. Stocks with patents are marked.
86. 5 new TSX gold stocks.

Update 2020-07-01
85. All funds are public. Donation is optional.

Update 2020-06-13
84. Converion utility IB format to any format
83. Donation means membership for 1 year for all details
82. All Fund are accessable on stock level, except TOP
81. New pages Story, patent and publication
80. New Stock Gold and Silver
79. New exchanges TSX and TSXY
78. New Fundlist by fund and by year

Update 2020-02-20
77. Stock level public after some period
76. Free choice of Broker and Trading system
75. Member access depending on Donation amount
74. Member page to become a member
73. New pages Story, patent and publication
72. Download on Fund and Stock level
71. New Funds
70. New Design

Update 2020-02-10
69. Left menu with before and after optimizing d
70. Downloadable funds.

Update 2020-02-09
69. Home updated
68. Allfund list all 3 methods within 4 years
67. Bug fix computions
66. Doku, Help and News added to left menu

Update 2020-02-01
70. Doku updated
65. Currently no login, resource problems
64. Production conditions reviewed as pdf
63. Bug fix computions
62. 3 Optimizer methods for training

Update 2019-12-23
61. Generell access for all login user incl. standard optimizer
60. Optimizer for donation members
59. Bug fix computions
58. Redesign layout titels and performance graph

Update 2019-05-13
57. Connect CATSys and IB API
56. Redesign level 1 and 2 pages

Update 2018-09-11
55. Fund Generation Error fixed
54. Redesign Optimizer, higher performance
53. Online Programmer Doku

Update 2018-08-13
52. Resign Report Page with portfolio and basket selection
51. Restart simulation funds 1016-1017 per 2018-07-02
50. Restart active funds 1028-1031 per 2018-07-02

Update 2018-04-15
49. no data update for 14 days
48. Data provider changed

Update 2018-03-16
47. Fix upload error
46. Reports on stock level

Update 2018-02-25
45. Optimizer buying only within stock picking system
44. Optimizer active again

Update 2018-01-18
44. Redesign Top Pages
43. Automatic Basket Trading with IB

Update 2017-10-18
42. New Stock Picking System

Update 2017-08-18
41. Responsive CSS for many devices
automatic Screen adjustment

Update 2017-08-05

40. 2 IB Funds corrected as simulated
39. 2 IB Funds corrected as cashed
38. Charts before/after Optimizing
37. Multiple exchanges in 1 Fund

Update 2017-07-13

36. Debugging
Generate Fund error, ok
Cash in Profit included, ok

Update 2017-07-06

35.User guidance

34.Layout for more devices

Update 2017-05-29

33.Performance Graph col in compare report

Update 2017-05-25

32.Left menu redesigned
31.Optimizer redesigned
30.Fund creation redesigned
29.System Documentation deleted, context sensitive help added
28.New top line, Tour and Help added
27.Generate Graph was empty, fixed
26.Fund History deleted for redesign in next update

Update 2017-05-12
25.Upload CATSys 30 with Optimizer
24.Optimizer testing with IB
23.New Front Page
All Morning Star Foundation portals now have the same type of top page.

22.Version 3.0, technical review, no application change.
Fly-Processor integration of all portals and systems.
All control logic is handled by the Fly-Processor.
All work logic is packed into small units of code.
All programs in all languages had to be transformed.
First manually, later by transformation routines.
Reusable code packed into stored procedures.
The result is higher quality code and less maintenance.
Better performance by permanent execution monitoring.

21.Fund generation of all exchanges
20.Version 2.1
20.1. New Layout with fund platform
20.2. Fund backtracking