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Patent and Trademarks

ReFiT@ Realtime File Transparency [img] DPMA
Data Analyzer for EU and US Patent Terra Databases
Data Migration from VSAM and IMS to DB2, Oracle and MySql
Modul Generator from Cobol and Pl/1 to Java, PHP and GO
Runtime Monitoring of program flow, I/O, CPU usage and elapse time

Fly-Processor@ pending Patent[img] DPMA [img] EU Patent
Speeds up large jobs many times
Finds supply chains in Patent Databases
Builds Bill of Material(BoM)
Builds Configuration Control System

GABI@ General Application Basis Interface [img] DPMA
Supports distributed data processing
Offers Web-Services
Synchronized Web Processes
Supports distributed data processing

Hyppokrates@ Realtime Data Migration [img] DPMA
Derived from Hippokrates of Kos (around 460 to 370 ante Christus)
Migration of medical data to HL7 format

Central Patient Record [img] IEHR

Patent Databases

The main input for the Stock Picking System is the patent database.
US Patents [img] download
EU Patents [img] download