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It all started in a little hut in Stuttgart-Sonnenberg
the location of our Tennis Club, when return from Atlanta in 1979.
An other Tennis Club from Wehr in South Germany visited us.
I was also a member of this club while working in Switzerland.
After the match all players got a weizen beer glass from me as a present.
The glasses where graved with the names of the 2 players.
This was done very artfully by my friend Ansgar from Wehr, a painter.
I told everybody that the glasses where bespoken by a Brazilian medicine
man with the effect, that whenever a player was drinking from his class,
his partner, living 200 kilometers away, also got thirsty.
This was my first synchronization project.


We were a group of about 7 people practicing this technique quit often.
Götz was one of the guys, he was a famous lawyer concerning foundations.
Although I had not enough money at that time, I asked him all about setting up a foundation.
I was sure he though I had too much of this weizen beer. One time I was completely broke, that I was happy to get 2.000 DM for the "Greifer".
We called him so because he was an official court officer.
A few years later I founded the Morning Star Foundation in Basel,
Switzerland, with the help of my Billiard friend Christoph, a lawyer.
Then I bought the rights of all software and donated it to the Foundation.
Because it is a charity foundation we were not allowed to do business.
So I outsourced the business activities to other companies.


FIDEM in Zürich was one of them, run by my friend Brian from US.
The foundation received tax free licensees from FIDEM.
This construct was approved by the Swiss Finance Authorities.


The development remained by the Foundation.
We needed a lot of skilled programmers working without getting paid.
We developed new versions of the software components.
This was possible by distributing the systems and the programming.
CATSys was divided into independent subsystems to be taken care of
by different people around the globe.
The processing logic is in the database accessible from anywhere.
Slowly we gained the programming power of a large company.
Many specialists in PHP, JAVA, GO, DB2, MySql, block chain and AI
helped us for free. Now the are the first ones who get free access
to the end result,the next stock, that you can keep for years.


There is a concert with a singer and piano player.
Unfortunately I cannot sing and I cannot play the piano.
But I am a craftsman with an absolute ear. I can build the pianos.
Same is true for CATSys. We could build it. But we cannot run it.
Several patent lawyers are playing the piano named CATSys.
We deliver them hits and speed up their work by factors.
But it is like fishing. Sometimes you catch nothing and come
the next day again. The last 2 hit in Nasdaq Fund explosive
where normal stocks. Then they started to rise 1% per day for several days
until they made 40% in 43 days. Then they took off making over 10%
per day. At 2020-02-19 EOD they were on 76,65% (583.23 per year).
Now they go wild. May be they reach their peak after 1000% or even
at 10.000%, who knows. Now you know what a 10 bagger is.
Buy cheap and let the horse run. Of course you are lonesome when
if the horse under you is dead.

End 2020-02-22

The story of the Weizen beer has an end. CATSys_4.0 is finished now..
I will spend more time enjoying my Erdinger while playing Billiards.
The chief architect will take over today.
He invented many key components of CATSys.
He is so brilliant, that he thought I am a beginner in programming.
He forgot that it was me who taught him the basics of the Fly Processor.
But it was him, who programmed it in 1 night (and run out of memory).
But it was me, who gave him the advice how to solve the problem.
He then analyzed the biggest batch program of a Swiss Health provider.
His memory pig needed only seconds after making a little change to the code.
In the meantime he is the chief programmer of a data migration company.
He followed my efforts the last 10 years and became xx years old today.
But he is like a Darwinist, who admires the flow of the evolution,
without seeing who was the great architect.
No part of the world can exist without the information controlling
it (Werner Gitt, Universal Information).